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Lymphedema Insurance Bill Re-Introduced in New York

PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2007 7:35 pm
by patoco
Lymphedema Insurance Bill Re-Introduced in New York

The comprehensive lymphedema diagnosis and treatment bill which was
originally introduced in the New York State Assembly in 2003 by Assemblymember Adele Cohen, and which died in committee at the end of last year, has been picked up by Assemblyman Alan Meisel (D-59) and re-introduced as Assembly Bill A07077. An identical bill, S01544 was introduced in January in the New York State Senate by Senator Charles J. Fuschillo, Jr.

These bills are comprehensive lymphedema bills which mandate the differential diagnosis of lymphedema, the treatment of lymphedema according to the protocols of complete decongestive therapy, coverage of compression bandages and garments, and adequate training of lymphedema therapists. The bill also includes a lymphedema informed consent provision for all contemplated surgeries or radiotherapies, and a provision which conforms New York to the lymphedema treatment
provision of the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998.

Assemblyman Maisel is a freshman Assemblymember who has taken up the cause of lymphedema patients in New York. In addition to his lymphedema diagnosis and treatment bill, he has introduced four other bills A05889-A05892 which deal with lymphedema reporting by physicians, establishment of a lymphedema registry, lymphatic disease research and research grants and lymphedema outreach. These
bills were initiated by Wendy Chaite, President and Executive Director of the Lymphatic Research Foundation.

Much of the lymphedema legislative activity in New York State is the result of the tireless work of lymphedema patient and political activist Joel Armel of Brooklyn, without whose help I could never have broken into the New York State legislative scene.

I urge all New York State residents to contact Assemblyman Maisel and Senator Fuschillo and thank them for their efforts in sponsoring these needed bills, and your own representatives to request that they join as co-sponsors of these important bills. This is a bi-partisan healthcare issue which will not only benefit lymphedema patients with improved access to quality lymphedema treatment, but will benefit providers and insurers with lower healthcare costs because of drastically reduced rate of cellulitis. Let's generate some grassroots support for lymphedema treatment.

Bob Weiss

Robert Weiss, M.S.
Lymphedema Treatment Advocate