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Georgia Lymphedema Day 2005 - Product Review

PostPosted: Tue Jun 20, 2006 6:27 pm
by patoco
Georgia Lymphedema Day 2005 - Product Review

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Georgia Lymphedema Day - Product Review

At the first Georgia Lymphedema Day conference I attended in 2000, the products on display looked much like redundant reruns of the products I had seen back in the 1970's.

I am happy to report that during the last few years, there has been a focus on upgrading and improving many of the products, garments and equipment we depend on.

This year, I saw many new types of fabrics on garments that are not only capable of maintaining needed compression but that is soft and comfortable. A number of manufacturers are also now making compression hose that have either zippers or velcro to make putting them on easier.

I want to mention a few products that caught my eye.


Solaris - makers of the Tribute sleeve

They have a great line of products called Swell Spots.

These are target specific inserts that can be worn under compression garments or bandges that help with problem areas. These inserts help break down fibrosis and reduce swelling. There are 16 different products including to help with female genital swelling and male scrotal swelling.

You can see the full line at: ... tline.html


Juzo USA><

Juzo this year came out with Juzo Silver Compression Stockings.

Silver is a natural anti-microbrial element and has been used for centuries. According to their description the stockings are knited with 23% X-Static (R) silver threads.

They also have a latex-free series of products.


Medi USA

Medi carries a full line of compression garments also designed to lipedema and also maker "lymphpads" which are foam rubber inserts to also help on problems spots and fibrosis.

One interesting product also is called the Mediven Butler to help assist in getting on the leg garments. In the demonstration, it was much easier to work with and easier to pull up the stocking then with the usual devices I've seen.

You can download a pdf file of all their products at: ... herapy.pdf



Carries a complete line of compression socks and stocking and sells "It Stays" which is a liquid adhesive to help keep leg length stockings up.


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