Lymphatic Research Foundation event May 10,2007

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Lymphatic Research Foundation event May 10,2007

Postby patoco » Wed Apr 11, 2007 4:28 pm

Dear Patient:

With the generous support of Todd Street Productions, the Lymphatic
Research Foundation (, whose mission is to
advance research and to find improved treatments and cures for
lymphatic diseases, lymphedema and related disorders, is producing a
video for its upcoming Inaugural Awards Gala to be held May 10th and
to use the video thereafter for awareness building and fundraising

We are seeking photos and brief video clips of representative
patients with lymphatic malformations, lymphedema and the like to
include in the "B roll" of the video as the narrator does script
voice over between interviewee segments. We are NOT
seeking "clinical/medical naked poses," but rather images of affected
children, adults, teens with various lymphatic malformations,
lymphedema, etc. in their ordinary lives.

I am attaching below a "release form." By responding to this
request, patients or their family members (for minors) who forward
any images to LRF and Todd Street Productions, expressly agree to the
conditions of the release. High resolution electronic images are
preferred. Please send to Craig Hettche at Todd Street Productions
( and cc: Wendy Chaite of LRF
( Please indicate in the subject
line: LRF Video: Patient Image with your name (can be first name last
initial) and medical condition. We will NOT use any patient name on
the video; it is being requested to for tracking purposes with

Thanks for you help with this time sensitive request. Wendy Chaite,
LRF President

I hereby grant permission to Todd Street Productions, Inc. and
Lymphatic Research Foundation to film, video tape, voice record,
photograph or otherwise record my image and voice, either alone or
with others and to use all or any part of the results of such
photography and recording in the video production "LRF: Call to
Action" and in the unlimited internal distribution and exhibition of
the video, whether now known or hereafter discovered. In connection
with any of the foregoing, I hereby waive any and all rights of
privacy, publicity, or any other rights of similar nature in
connection therewith. This release shall insure to the benefit of
Todd Street Productions, Inc. and Lymphatic Research Foundation its
subsidiaries, affiliates, successors and assigns.


Endorsed by

Pat O'Connor
Lymphedema People

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