Clinics for Primary Lymphoedema United Kingdom

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Clinics for Primary Lymphoedema United Kingdom

Postby patoco » Sun Jun 11, 2006 7:47 pm


Silkie was to shy to post this, so thought I would share it.


Very important for our UK members:


There are a few of us that have E mailed The PM
about the lack of primary lymph care in the NHS
About the sad lack of lymph clinics but even more so the
discrimination between secondary and primary.

Many MHS primary health care areas cater for secondary
but primary cannot be treated in the same clinics

Lymphoedema secondary or primary is the same
If lack of care in primary is disgraceful in parts of the UK
please add your voice to the others that have e mailed him

Primary lymphoedema seems to be the only dibilitating
condition that is not only mis diagnosed to frequently
it is not offered the same services as secondary and there not to
brilliant either. It is a diblilitating condition that is not
recognised please help make tony blair aware of this disgrace
in one of the worlds leading countries.

E mail him. He wants votes this may make him work for them please


silks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Here we do have major problems in the UK similar to the USA.

Getting diagnosed (doctors that recognise secondary lymph but cant recognise primary). We do have major problems in the UK similar to the USA.

Hospitals that have paractioners for secondary (not nearly enough and manly due to the Superb Cancer care we have)

Once you are diagnoised then you have to find a practioner.

I go to a hospice for treatment not to a therapist but a lymphedema practioner. They are fully qualified physios who then specialise in lymph there training is another 2 to 3 years extra even tho they are fully qualified in physio. Lot different from the USA

Once you have LE Practioner then you are extreemly well looked after and cared for your sessions are for as long as you need them. when you need them, We do not have limits or suggested hours per year We have care if and when we need it

But my care comes from A public donations Charity the Hospice not NHS hospital as there was no care for primary in my area

It is getting a clinic that will care for primary that is the major problem
and getting diagnosed.

But we shall keep on like our Wonderful lymph family in the States knocking at doors and not giving up

I'm e mailing the opposition leaders tomorrow lets see if they want to hear us Good luck with the legislation.


hugggggggggggggggg silks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

huggggggggg Irish


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