Telesto Medtech Announces Edema Reduction Garment

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Telesto Medtech Announces Edema Reduction Garment

Postby patoco » Sat Feb 09, 2008 5:40 am

Telesto Medtech Announces Edema Reduction Garment Available Nationwide

Lymphedema and Edema patients experience dramatically reduced swelling with custom garments; also used successfully by professional athletes for range of sports injuries.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 7, 2008 -- Telesto Medtech, a leading provider of therapeutic garments to relieve, manage and control acute and chronic edema, today announced that its customized garments are now available nationwide.

Telesto Medtech's ERX therapeutic garments are currently used successfully by hundreds of edema and lymphedema patients -- as well as professional athletes suffering from a wide range of sports injuries -- to drastically reduce swelling. Edema involves the buildup of fluid in the body's soft tissue that can cause swelling in any body part or organ, while Lymphedema -- a far more debilitating and at times chronic variation of the condition -- results in potentially disfiguring swelling, extreme pain and increased instances of infection.

"Whether the patient is suffering from lymphedema after surgery or as a result of an injury or pre-existing condition, the swelling can cause tremendous pain and suffering," said Don Kellogg, founder of Telesto Medtech. "Unlike standard compression devices, we've developed customized therapeutic garments that are comfortable to wear and easy to use -- allowing patients to apply and remove them anytime day or night."

Over the past several years, leading orthopedic surgeons, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics have witnessed tremendous results with Telesto's ERX therapeutic garments for patients who are experiencing acute or chronic swelling from:

Conditions such as lymphedema, venous insufficiency and venous ulcers, and diabetic circulatory problems
Breast cancer surgery when lymph nodes are removed
Post-surgical swelling from orthopedic procedures and vein mining
Other Surgical procedures (melanoma, cancer) when lymph nodes are removed
Edema that is present at birth
Radiation treatment

"Telesto's customized ERX garments have shown significant and rapid results for my patients in reducing both acute and chronic edema," said Dr. William Terrell, MD, an orthopedic surgeon based in suburban Atlanta, Ga. "Historically, edema patients have had little recourse when it comes to products that can relieve, manage and control this type of swelling so that they can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle -- and that is why Telesto Medtech's solution is such welcome news for these individuals."

In developing some of the most advanced and effective therapeutic garments over the past two decades, Kellogg is well known within the edema community for his dedication to developing garments that relieve, manage and control the extreme swelling that often accompanies lymphedema.

Telesto Medtech also recently introduced ERX Sport -- a line of garments and sleeves that can be used by athletes at any level to rapidly and dramatically reduce swelling associated with a wide range of sports related injuries, such as contusions, sprains, strains, fractures (if not casted) and bursitis. The ERX Sport solution was developed after working closely with professional sports teams the past four years, and is currently used by several professional sports teams to reduce swelling at a faster pace than with traditional methods (ice packs, compression bandaging, etc.).

About Telesto Medtech
Telesto Medtech is a leading provider of therapeutic garments to relieve, manage and control acute and chronic edema. Telesto's customized garments and sleeves are the product of decades of development and design by founder Don Kellogg -- well known throughout the industry as a pioneering innovator in the development of solutions for individuals affected by edema and lymphedema. Telesto Medtech's ERX therapeutic garments have delivered dramatically successful results in hundreds of patients suffering from edema due to: chronic conditions such as lymphedema, pre and post operative surgery, sports injuries, infections and other surgical procedures.

The company also offers ERX Sport -- garments and sleeves specifically designed for use by athletes experiencing injury-related swelling. Telesto Medtech is based in Chicago, IL. Orthopedic surgeons, hospitals, physical therapists, sports trainers and patients seeking additional information on Telesto Medtech's products can visit or call 831.621.8011.

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